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Developing cross-border partnerships to boost innovation in advanced MATerials for MEDical applications


MATMED supports those working in the fields of advanced materials, medical devices and regenerative medicine. The programme enables high-quality transnational collaborations and accelerates the commercialisation of medical applications. MATMED is for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as large companies, research centres and academia, investors and regulatory framework experts

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How it works

How MATMED works

How MATMED works


A unique 'matchmaking' network

MATMED offers North West Europe's only dedicated transnational network linking specialists in these fields. Searchable, easy to use and free to access, the MATMED Directory connects SMEs, academia, research centres, investors, and regulatory and healthcare experts.

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Acceleration programme

Designed specifcally for SMEs, the MATMED acceleration programme will open up new collaboration and commercialisation opportunities for your business. Access micro funding to undertake specific collaborative projects, and receive expert advice to help you adapt to the new EU regulation on medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics. The MATMED acceleration programme offers:

  • Support for SMEs to accelerate innovation, validate new product opportunities and demonstrate new technology through Voucher funding
  • Advice for SMEs on the new regulatory framework for medical devices taking effect from 2020
  • Help for suitable SMEs to find private investment, typically from Business Angels, to enable their innovations to be commercialised
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Success story

MATMED helps Innovate Pharmaceuticals move to human clinical trials of Enhanced Liquid Aspirin.

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MATMED is funded under the INTERREG programme.

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