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Manchester has a long and rich history of innovation and is home to some of the UK’s brightest minds, most innovative businesses and world class institutions.

However, it can be difficult to make the right connections, find the right expertise or resources, or access new knowledge. There is a wealth of individuals in organisations across Greater Manchester, nationally and beyond with knowledge that could help you address your challenges. Being part of a network can make this easier and help turn new business opportunities to innovate into commercial success. 

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What do we do?

Our Innovation Network is an opportunity for business leaders and senior managers to meet other ambitious businesses, investors, research establishments and innovation organisations, such as universities and technology specialists, to pick up new knowledge and skills.

To date our vibrant community has been meeting and exchanging knowledge at quarterly Innovation in Action events, taking place at locations across Greater Manchester. We are now harnessing and further fueling this enthusiasm through a virtual network, hosted by the Business Growth Hub and supported by our rich knowledge base and thriving business community.

Why should I join?

We all have our personal networks and the innovation network offers the opportunity to tap into the knowledge held by others and their networks through the online groups.

You should join the Innovation Network if you are:

A business person:

Gain access to the knowledge held by other like-minded business people, in our world class universities, research institutes and specialist organisations. 

An individual involved in business engagement, technical experts and academic staff in universities, research organisations and specialist bodies:

 Interact with like-minded professionals to share knowledge, have sight of common topics, expand your subject matter knowledge and connect with potential commercial validation and technology transfer opportunities.

What can I expect?

This is not a sales platform you will not be hounded with offers, promotions or advertising. But you will have access to the latest thinking, knowledge and expertise through the individuals on the network, who can help address your challenges or may know someone who can. This is a simple to use and secure web-based platform. The site will be fully moderated to ensure etiquette is observed. 

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