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Greener Growth with Great Places


Great Places is committed to sustainability, and we are actively involved in helping Greater Manchester to achieve its environmental targets towards carbon reduction. Responsible procurement is a key part of our organisation and we want to work with suppliers who support an ethical and environmentally-conscious approach.

We want to support our suppliers where possible with advice on the best environmental practices, and how to boost their environmental credentials when bidding for contracts.

As an important supplier to Great Places we invite you to join us at our Supply Chain Sustainability Briefing.

We are working closely with The Business Growth Hub to help you improve your tender prospects through enhanced environmental credentials and performance. The briefing will give you practical tools and advice to increase profits through efficiency improvements. They will also help you to identify and manage business risks around environmental compliance and constraints.

Great Places is committed to improving its environmental performance and we recognise that a key part of that has to include the things we procure, use and operate. If we are to achieve our goals we need to engage, support and work closely with like-minded businesses who can join us on this journey.

This event is intended for existing suppliers to Great Places who operate in the Greater Manchester area.

During the briefing, we will outline our understanding of the impacts we have on the environment and highlight some of the plans we are developing to mitigate these impacts. With support from the Growth Hub, they will give a taster session on a range of quick and easy actions you can take to reduce your energy, transport and waste costs. In this session they will focus on those opportunities that offer no or low-cost potential.

Thursday 15 February 2018, 10:00 – 12:00
2a Derwent Avenue, West Didsbury, Manchester, M21 7QS

If you are interested in attending this briefing please complete the form below

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