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TreeStation increases opportunities to make wood work for growth

The Overview

Set up in 2008, TreeStation was one of the first wood-related social enterprises to be established in the UK, and the very first in the North West.

It acts as a hub for a broad range of wood-related activities, including timber products and woodchip, woodland management, consultancy and landscaping.

Born from the realisation that wood from tree work was often being wasted, TreeStation also provides a unique and innovative solution for wood waste in the Greater Manchester area, producing a range of quality wood products for the local market - including woodfuels, timber and related products.

The Challenge

Businesses that supplied renewable materials used in biomass heating had been enjoying years of success thanks in part to the governments Renewable Heat Incentive. This initiative offered attractive subsidies to both the domestic and non-domestic markets to install renewable heat technologies.

Recent cuts to these subsidies meant an uncertain future for all suppliers of the materials used in renewable heating.

TreeStation sought support from the specialists in our Low Carbon team to explore opportunities for growth.

The Solution

Daniel Dickinson, one of the Business Growth Hub’s low carbon sector advisors, conducted a comprehensive business review with TreeStation, concluding that the company’s primary focus in the short to medium term should be expanding the core arboriculture services that had brought the most success over the last nine years.

By putting the business review outcomes into action, TreeStation has already seen dramatic results. Sales increased by £100,000 thanks to winning a new contract with a local social housing trust. This helped to safeguard three jobs and create a brand new job in the process.

“Expanding our customer base for arboriculture work will help us to secure our revenues, plan and manage our workload more effectively and provide more high-quality feedstock for our up-cycling activities”, said Phil Benn, managing director and founder.

Moving forward, TreeStation is also working with our energy efficiency experts to explore the possibility of installing a roof-mounted solar system to power its on-site operations.

“The Hub’s support has been really important for us - it has given us the confidence to respond to changing market demands and diversify our business. The support also cements our strong ethics and commitment to sustainability”, Phil added.

Daniel Dickinson, said: “It is exciting to be supporting an organisation with such a strong environmental and social ethos at this moment in time as they start to expand their services, and we look forward to continuing to work with TreeStation over the coming months.”

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