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Salford energy management firm on growth journey

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) specialist Open Control Solutions has teamed up with expert advisors to refine its operations, increase client engagement and secure new sales.

The Overview

Open Control Solutions (OCS) has been designing, installing and maintaining BEMS since 2004 to help clients monitor, track and control energy use throughout their buildings.

BEMS are gaining recognition as a vital ingredient to energy efficiency in buildings, with research suggesting that the technology now rivals LED lighting in popularity in some quarters.

Paul Goucher, Managing Director at OCS

Open Control Solutions, Salford

The Challenge

To capitalise on this growth, OCS recognised the need to improve its internal sales operations. Sales were struggling with capacity constraints and there were no resources to implement a marketing strategy.

We contacted the green tech and services sector team and joined the Low Carbon Network to take advantage of the help and advice available.

Paul Goucher, Managing Director

The Solution

Advisors from GC Business Growth Hub’s digital and green tech and services teams were on hand to provide expert support, helping to streamline the scheduling and quoting processes, create a marketing strategy and implement a new sales management system.

The Hub’s Low Carbon Network also enables OCS to keep up-to-date with market developments and networking opportunities at no cost.

“We contacted the green tech and services sector team and joined the Low Carbon Network to take advantage of the help and advice available, help achieve our growth plans and network with other companies who we can collaborate with”, said Paul Goucher, managing director - who also attended one of the Hub’s Switched On marketing masterclasses for green tech companies.

The support has already had a significant effect. Improved systems and processes have freed up sales engineers’ time to concentrate on key projects and, crucially, helped to secure work on the £300 million Manchester Engineering Campus Development (MECD) at the University of Manchester.

Managing Director, Paul Goucher (right) with OCS team

“The MECD is one of the largest capital projects ever undertaken by a UK Higher Education institution - we will be delivering an extensive building energy management system with in excess of 12,000 controlled and monitored points”, explained Paul Goucher. “The system will enable the University of Manchester to run the campus building as efficiently as possible throughout its lifecycle.”

“The future is definitely bright. Our improved processes will allow us to work with clients more effectively to maintain existing systems and provide future upgrades that will further reduce their energy usage and CO2 emissions.

If you’d like to find out how Green Technology can help your business go from strength-to-strength, Enquire and Grow today.

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