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Low carbon workspace development announced in Manchester

Property developer Bruntwood has announced the development of a new commercial building that will meet the highest standards for sustainability in both construction and operation.

The 82,000 sq ft development, named the Ev0 Building, will be built at Didsbury Technology Park in Manchester using ‘parametric’ design principles, where features are determined through algorithmic processes rather than being designed directly.

Low carbon materials such as timber will be used in construction because of its ability to capture and store carbon. The facades will be designed to minimise solar gain and overheating on the south and westerly elevations, while maximising solar gain on the north and east sides.

On-site energy generation located on several parts of the building – including the roof, the car park and two facades – will act as a series of mini power plants that will provide 94 per cent of the total energy demand of the development.

The remaining power demand will be sourced from a new co-operative owned wind farm in Ayrshire that is partly owned by Bruntwood.

‘Major milestone’

Ciara Keeling, CEO at Bruntwood Works, said: “Sustainability runs through the heart of everything we do at Bruntwood Works and the development of Ev0 will be a major milestone on our net zero journey.

“Now, more than ever, it’s important for businesses to be taking affirmative action to reduce their carbon footprint. That also means being fully transparent when it comes to presenting data and assessments, so it was important to us to create an authentically Net Zero Carbon workspace. We’re incredibly proud to be creating one of the lowest carbon workspaces in the UK.”

Sustainability advice for customers

Within the building, a smart building management system will ensure the space is managed effectively, thereby reducing running costs for Bruntwood and its customers. The company has also committed to providing strategic sustainability advice to building tenants to help them meet targets for their energy use.

Andrew Butterworth, Commercial Director at Bruntwood Works, added: “As a leader in its field, Ev0 will help those businesses using the workspace to achieve their own net zero carbon goals and serve as a blueprint and inspiration for others to follow in their sustainability plans.”

Construction is due to begin in January 2023, with completion expected in April 2024.

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