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Guide: Using telematics to boost driver efficiency

The Energy Saving Trust has launched a new guide to help businesses identify technologies that can encourage more efficient driver behaviour and reduce fleet mileage.

The Energy Saving Trust has launched a new guide to help businesses identify technologies that can encourage more efficient driver behaviour and reduce fleet mileage.

Introducing technology into a fleet can help manage mileage compliance, optimise business operations, vehicle condition, fuel costs and maintenance, as well as assist with driver safety and training. 

Telematics can also be used by the so-called ‘grey fleet’ - personal cars used by employees for work.

However, with a wide and ever increasing variety of telematics systems available, it can be confusing to know where to start.

The Energy Saving Trust’s guide compares the systems available and how they can enable better fleet management, and provides tips on using telematics data effectively.

Case studies highlighted in the guide include West Yorkshire Police, which introduced telematics into 600 vehicles, resulting in a reduction of 2.6 million miles and fuel savings of more than £300,000.

Telematics can even be ‘gamified’, allowing drivers to compete for prizes in return for more efficient and safer driving - an opportunity which insurers are beginning to explore

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