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Flood experience inspires Bury firm’s green innovation

After being caught up in the 2015 Boxing Day floods, a property developer in Bury has established a new business to manufacture unique flood defence products made of 100% recycled plastic.


After being caught up in the 2015 Boxing Day floods, a property developer in Bury has established a new business to manufacture unique flood defence products made of 100 per cent recycled plastic.

Rechip Flood Defence was set up in 2018 by Andrew Chaytow, managing director of property development company Hamilton Heath Estates Ltd.

After Hamilton Heath experienced first-hand the devastation caused by the infamous Boxing Day floods in 2015, Andrew partnered with a skilled engineer and existing tenant to bring a new-and-improved flood defence product to the UK market.

Unique position

Based in Bury, Rechip has already secured a patent for its manufacturing process, which uses 100 per cent recycled, UK-sourced polymers to create a solid panel that forms the basis of a flood defence unit.

“To see some of our former clients suffering from the devastation of the floods was heartbreaking. We saw businesses unable to trade for months and months, we saw companies with insurance claims in excess of half a million pounds and, inevitably, we saw companies go out of business,” Andrew said.

“We weren’t confident with the existing flood prevention products available. Although we are new entrants into the market, our knowledge of the property sector has put us in a unique position to enter the market. Since then we have installed our Rechip Flood Defence for two of our former clients who tell us they are confident they are safe from any further potential flood damage.”

Business support

With no previous experience in taking a new product to market, Rechip called on the support of Greater Manchester’s GC Business Growth Hub.

Katherine Burden, low carbon sector development lead at the Hub, carried out a comprehensive business review and was able to make a series of recommendations to help Rechip develop their business plan, carry out a competitor review and refine their key marketing messages.

The company now plans to launch the product and hopes to start selling to commercial businesses in Greater Manchester over the next six months. Development of a second product to support the domestic market is also ongoing.

"Over the last few months GC Business Growth Hub has helped Rechip to set solid foundations to ensure it meets its growth objectives,” Katherine explained.

‘Addressing global challenges’

“Rechip is an exciting company that has a thirst for success and is an excellent example of a local business that is helping to address global challenges such as those associated with plastic waste. The company is a member of our Low Carbon Network and hopes to exhibit its new product at Mayor Andy Burnham’s Green Summit in March 2019.”

Andrew added: “The help, advice and assistance we have received from the Hub has been invaluable, not least in the development of a business plan, which has been a great discipline for us. We have accessed many training courses and have made some great contacts through networking events.”

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