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Fair Trading & Product Safety

Fair trading and product safety rules apply to the sale and supply of goods and services, usually enforced by trading standards teams within your Local Authority.

The minimum requirement is that goods or services are as described and meet any relevant standards regarding their quality, safety or sale. Specific rules will apply depending on what you plan to sell, to whom, and how.  For example, whether you intend to provide goods or services, target consumers or other businesses, or operate face-to-face or via the internet or telephone.

What do I need to do? 

  • Make sure you understand the goods/ services you intend to provide and any specific rules you may need to follow
  • Ensure goods are fit for purpose, described truthfully and in line with any legal requirements, meet safety standards and are priced clearly
  • Seek specialist advice if you’re going to sell a new product or service, e.g. manufacturing or importing a new food or consumer product
  • Understand the rules around selling age-restricted products, e.g. alcohol, tobacco, fireworks, knives, tattoos, lottery tickets and video games
  • Give consumers enough information about goods and services so they can make an informed choice
  • Provide full contact details for your business and make them readily available
  • Be aware of your obligations as a business in relation to consumer rights, including dealing with disputes
  • If you want to provide consumer credit you must obtain authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Weighing and measuring equipment must be approved and tested to confirm its accuracy, e.g. grocer scales, petrol pumps, etc.

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