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Event to support businesses based in Bury understand finance options, their funding landscape, investment avenues to consider if they are looking to raise funds and what support is available to them along their journey.


SimpliFi and guest speakers will provide an overview of the Bury funding landscape and the wider GM funding landscape through research insights. We will also provide a high-level overview of what SimpliFi’s mission is and what value the website brings, alongside this we will present on what finance support and services can be accessed through The Growth Company and external providers.

We will showcase the support and some financial options that are currently available in Bury, how to access them and the risks involved.


Hear from specialist advisers from the following Growth Company teams:

  • Access to Finance: to discuss equity options and grants.
  • GC Business Finance*: to discuss NPIF loans and debt-based solutions.


External speakers:

  • Innovate UK, who will speak about Grants and their Innovation fund for growth. 


We will also allow time at the end for a Q&A session.


Key take aways from the session:

  • Highlight the various support options available: SimpliFi website, or support via the Access to Finance or GC Business Finance.
  • We aim to raise awareness of the various financial options available on the market – equity, debt, grants – and be able to help businesses understand what options to consider based on the stage they’re at and on their needs.
  • Understand the eligibility requirements, risks, benefits, and what planning needs to be put in place for the various funding options before seeking advice or applying for funding.
  • Make attendees feel empowered and encouraged to start/action their investment journey.
  • Ensure attendees understand the importance of investing into their own business to create growth for their organization and to drive economic development across the region.


Eligibility Criteria

This workshop is targeted at:

  • Greater Manchester / Bury businesses.
  • Pre-starts, start-ups, sole traders, micro business, small and medium-sized enterprises and social enterprises who engage in economic activity.
  • Businesses that are looking to invest into their organization, understand the funding landscape and/or wanting to learn about what finance options are available to them


*GC Business Finance is a not-for-profit lender specialising in simple, hassle-free loans to help businesses start, grow and thrive.

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