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Learn how to create and deliver an agile business growth process

STRATAGILITY® is a process that has already helped numerous organisations achieve results beyond their dreams. It starts with a 1-day workshop that includes 5 parts:

- WHY? The ultimate dream goal.

- WHO? The organisation’s core values and why they are important.

- WHERE? The current position and direction of travel.

- WHAT? The handful of actions to take the organisation one step closer to the dream goal.

- HOW? A practical execution plan.

Post-workshop there is a weekly review of the relevant tasks agreed on in the practical plan, and a monthly review of the entire plan.

In this abbreviated workshop participants will complete the first part in full, and we will go through a detailed explanation of the other four parts, so they have a full understanding of the process and can run it themselves, if they so wish.


Bio of Deliverer:

Amos Beer - In his long career Amos Has worked in local and global companies in various management positions in a variety of and industries. Having held all the C-suite roles Amos’s experience encompasses all business areas.

Amos has been a business mentor since 2009, working primarily with SMEs, helping them to identify problem areas, find suitable solutions and implement them. During this time Amos has developed and refined STRATAGILITY®, a strategic growth process that has already helped numerous companies achieve outstanding results.

Amos has a BA degree (Economics) and an MBA degree (Marketing). He lives in Manchester with his wife and has 4 grown-up children.


As this workshop is fully-funded, businesses are subject to funders' eligibility criteria. Please keep an eye out for communication from our Enquiry team at GM Business Growth Hub who will discuss your eligibility and complete paperwork. If your place is confirmed, you will receive an email from us with further details.

  • Greater Manchester Clients Only
  • Sole trader, micro business, small and medium-sized enterprise, or large business.
  • Social enterprises where these engage in economic activity


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