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How Strategic Planning can make you an Effective Leader

Date: 29th January 2024
Location: Virgin Money, 48-50 Market St, Manchester M1 1PW
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Theme: Business Strategy

Sorry this event has already taken place - please see our forthcoming events list

This session is designed to help participants gain a deep understanding of what strategic planning is, what it isn’t, common pitfalls to avoid and practical tools like the Eisenhower Matrix.


The primary goal of the event is to empower participants with the knowledge and skills to create their own Strategic Plans for 2024, complete with clear accountability goals. 


This workshop will feature an expert speaker and interactive sessions aimed at:

  • Explaining what strategic planning is and how it can benefit organisations and individuals
  • Identifying common misconceptions about strategic planning and what it isn't
  • Discussing the potential pitfalls and challenges in the strategic planning process
  • Teaching participants how to use the Eisenhower Matrix to prioritise tasks effectively
  • Guiding attendees through the process of creating their own Strategic Plans for 2024 with a focus on accountability goals

Where is it?

Virgin Money, 48-50 Market St, Manchester M1 1PW

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