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The Three Pillars of Mobile Security

Date: 5th December 2023
Location: Online - zoom
Time: 10:00am - 11:00am
Theme: Business Strategy

This one-hour webinar focuses on the importance of mobile security for businesses, covering the following areas:

 Mobile Devices - Critical and Vulnerable:

The significance of mobile devices in today's business landscape as they have become essential tools for business operations. They are also vulnerable to various security threats.

 Mobiles - An Easy Way into Your Organisation:

How mobile devices can serve as an entry point for cyber threats and attackers into your organisation. Due to their connectivity and the amount of data they handle, mobile devices can be exploited if not properly secured.

 Top Threats:

The most prevalent threats associated with mobile security including malware, phishing attacks, data breaches, and more. Understanding these threats is crucial for protecting your business.

 Why Isn't Mobile Security a Priority?:

The common oversight of mobile security in organisations. Many businesses may prioritise other aspects of cybersecurity and neglect mobile security, even though it's a critical element.

 The 3 Pillars of Mobile Security:

The key principles and strategies for enhancing mobile security within a business context.

 Q&A Session:

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification on the topics discussed during the webinar. A valuable opportunity to engage with the presenter and gain more insights.

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Online - zoom


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