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International Leaders: Women of the World

Date: 22nd June 2023
Location: Manchester City Centre
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Theme: Open new markets & Export, Operational efficiency, Business Strategy

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This course is designed to facilitate and increase skills and awareness for Women Leaders in Business to help grow their work internationally. It will equip the leaders of organisations so that they will feel confident to lead transformation, and international growth through high performance and appropriate cultural communication in a sustained way.

Part 1: Culture and Leadership

Some of the key barriers to growth are the ability to delegate, lead people through change and have full confidence in our ability to lead others.

This session will support leaders to reflect on how to best support their teams through a transition into growth that is sustainable.

It will cover the following areas of knowledge and give opportunity to practice these skills:
• Building a culture of supportive growth and building self-awareness as leaders
• Adair’s model of Action Centred leadership
• International culture and growth

Part 2: Change Management and Communication

Change creates a vacuum which is why high-quality communication is vital during a growth transition. Communication internally and externally will be built upon to assist women leaders in their businesses to grow their teams and capacity.

Drawing on Brene Brown’s empathy and other robust models of communication this day will build on the previous to equip and grow leaders of teams for sustainable international growth.

• Clearer communication at all stages of growth (The communication cycle, Including Transactional Analysis)
• Communicating Internationally, across cultures.
• How to lead people well through change, including sustainable growth.

Attendees will take away:

• The knowledge to support their teams through phases of growth and development, with a special focus on this in times of international business growth.
• An understanding of leadership and growth models, including awareness of their own preferences and styles
• Communication skills to enhance this leadership and growth ability



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