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Strive & Thrive - Market Opportunities

Date: 18th January 2023
Location: Online - Zoom
Time: 9:30am - 11:30am
Theme: Open new markets & Export


This Strive & Thrive session will help you understand how you might overcome challenges, identify what opportunities the current situation presents and how to position your business to take advantage. 

Situation analysis

This section will help you outline the key factors that affect you and your markets and identify any signs of change that might be an opportunity or threat to your business and assess your position and offering compared with your competitors.

Close opportunities. How to farm your existing markets, customers and contacts.

With most businesses there is untapped sales in close contacts and existing and past customers. This section will explore ways of building more from people that already know you and your products and services.

New market opportunities. Which “new but near” markets might you exploit without significant cost or risk?

In turbulent economic times, looking at international expansion might seem ambitious but with the right strategy, entering adjacent “near markets” can be done without significant risk or resources.  This section will discuss what makes a “near market” and market entry strategies that can be adopted.

New market opportunities from the energy market

As energy costs increase so do the opportunities for business in the market. This section will explore these opportunities as an example of an adjacent sector that might be exploited.

By the end of the session you will have a better understanding of how you might identify and exploit potentially lower risk market opportunities over the next months to help you sustain and, ultimately, grow your business.

Peter Gaunt, Growth team

Peter Gaunt is a business development and strategy specialist with over 30 years' experience in SMEs and multi-national corporates, including over 25 years senior management experience up to director level. He has worked within three high growth SMEs and in a senior role within a two high growth divisions of larger companies. He has worked for 20 years on SME business support programmes as coach, trainer and programme manager.

Phil Blair, Global Scaleup

Philip started his career as a management consultant where he worked across a range of sectors including utilities, online banking, transport, manufacturing and telecoms.   Philip started and scaled up the European operation for a global consumer technology business.   He has lived in the US, Denmark and Turkey and worked extensively across Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Richard Dickinson, Growth team 

Richard is Professional Business Coach and Advisor with over 30 years’ experience who is passionate about influencing leaders whilst being a reflective and trusted advisor. Always on the go helping people and businesses in the Northwest to improve.

He has a broad range of experience in business management, strategy, sales, and marketing. With an excellent history in advising and supporting various Companies in the Corporate and SME markets with a specialty in professional services of whom advised several key players in the Northwest.

Richard was a lead coach for the Northwest Region on the government back initiatives the Growth Accelerator Programme/Business Growth Service during which time had helped over 40 companies develop and grow. During his time as an advisor, he has helped over 400 companies. These companies have been from various sectors and sizes up to and including £15mill t/o companies.

Time / Duration


930am – 945am


945am – 1015am

Understanding the situation, the opportunities and threats your businesses faces. Includes practical exercise

1015am – 1045am

Near opportunities. How to farm your existing markets, customers and contacts. Includes practical exercise

1045am – 1115am

New market opportunities. Which “new but near” markets might you exploit without significant cost or risk? Includes practical exercise

1115am – 1120am

New market opportunities from the energy market.

1120am – 1130am

QA and wrap up



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