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Resilient Leadership

Date: 4th - 5th October 2022
Location: Manchester City Centre
Time: 10:00am - 4:30pm
Theme: Leadership & Mentoring, People, Skills & Talent

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Leading a business is a hugely challenging role at any time. Over the last couple of years, leaders have also had to adapt to the impacts of Brexit, the pandemic and rising costs. This means that building resilience has never been more important to ensure both commercial success and avoiding burnout. 

This interactive course is designed for business leaders and owners who want to better understand their leadership style, get the best from their teams and prepare themselves for the challenges ahead.

The course includes the following modules:

  • Values based leadership. The why of your businesses values and purpose should be at the foundation of everything the business does. Values-based leadership can instil a common set of values in all employees, improving their cohesiveness and willingness to work together. (Run by Elevate)
  • Getting your voice heard. We’ll explore the fear of public speaking, engaging audiences and amplifying your personal brand. (Run by Elevate)
  • Introduction to Insights Discovery®. Self-awareness is the starting point to any leadership journey. We'll cover the Concept of Perception; intro to the colour energies; and Jungian Preferences at a glance. (Run by 68 People)
  • The Impact of 90 Day Turnover and why it is a crucial business metric. Top tips on how to attract great talent, choose superstars at interview, and engage and retain. (Run by 68 People)
  • Radically Candid Leadership. We'll explore how to transform your relationships with your team, create a culture of honest and openness, and deliver clear and direct guidance. (Run by 68 People)
  • Developing and maintaining a strong employer brand is a critical aspect of leadership. Discover how to create advocates within your employee base and to position yourself as the face of the company. (Run by Pear)

The sessions will be delivered by Elevate (Jessica Pomfret and Ilona Alcock), Sixty Eight People & CLASSOF68 (Cally Bannon-Smith and Abi Dunn) and Pear (Lucy Noone-Blake).

Elevate is a business development and training consultancy focussed on innovation, sustainability and community. With experts in leadership, personal branding and public speaking, Elevate has delivered training across the UK and Europe.

Sixty Eight People is a northern based recruitment & training consultancy. With decades of experience in leading and nurturing hospitality managers, they recently launched "CLASSOF68"; their hospitality training division as a solution to the challenges people departments face when sourcing high impact, cost effective training and development solutions.

Lucy Noone-Blake is a Hospitality and Experience Consultant

specialising in Marketing and PR. As the Founder Director of Pear, a multi-disciplinary collective of freelancers based in Manchester, Lucy and her collaborators work on local, national and global brands and are known for creative, considered campaigns and strategies rooted in centring both operational understanding and guest experience

Time / Duration






10am – 12noon

Establishing your core leadership values – 12.30pm 

Lunch / networking

12.30pm – 2.30pm

Stakeholder engagement and influencing your teams

2.30pm – 4.30pm

Getting your voice heard – public speaking and personal brand amplification   



Day two


10am – 11am

Introduction to Insights Discovery® - Self-awareness is the starting point to any leadership journey

11am – 12pm

Impact of 90 Day Turnover – attracting, engaging and retaining great talent

12pm – 1pm

Radically Candid Leadership – transforming your relationship with your team, company culture and direct guidance.

1pm – 1.30pm

Lunch/ Networking

1.30pm – 2.30pm

Creating advocates within your employee base.

2.30pm – 3.30pm

Developing your Employer Brand

3.30pm – 4.30pm

Understanding the marketing value of sustainability in hospitality



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