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Managing Teams in Changing Times

Date: 15th September 2022
Location: Denzell House, Denzell Gardens, Dunham Road, Bowdon WA14 4QE
Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm
Theme: People, Skills & Talent, Leadership & Mentoring

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A fully funded programme as part of the GC Business Growth Hub’s Executive Development Programme (EDP) for businesses based in Greater Manchester with 1-249 employees, looking to grow.

It is a total of 12 hours delivered in 3 x half day workshops (9.00 a.m. to 1 p.m).
Workshops are delivered in person in small group sessions at Denzell House, Bowdon, Altrincham.

Ideal for business leaders and managers with business responsibility. All workshops to be attended.


Module 1 - EFFECTIVE TEAM LEADERSHIP - 15th September

This module is ideal for managers who have never had any formal management training or updated management theory for those who have.

Leadership v Management - helping managers understand the differences between leading and managing and understanding their own management style through a questionnaire.
Skills and techniques – a suite of different tools and techniques that will help lead high performing teams that can be put into practice when back in the work place.
Motivating your Team exploring how to motivate your team effectively.
Team Development – using a classic management theory, identifying the four key stages of team development and to be aware of and manage in practice.


This module helps managers to know how to get the best out of their team and provides skills to manage conflict, have a difficult conversation and confidence to say no.

Building Trust – within the team and creating the right culture
Managing Conflict a practical tour of managing conflict at work
Difficult Conversations how to go about preparing for having that difficult conversation, something that so often people and managers avoid.
Saying no – there are ways of saying no; often people can’t. We will teach you how to say no ‘nicely’ when you are faced in those difficult situations.


This module is designed to give managers the skills to improve how to communicate and manage others through constantly changing times, recognising the importance of empathy and emotional intelligence as a leader.

Emotional Intelligence – awareness of what emotional intelligence is, identifying own emotional intelligence through a questionnaire and why it is of growing importance for managers, especially empathy and a need for a more ‘considerate’ management approach.
Changing Workplace – recognising the world of work is changing; more technology, an ageing workforce with different expectations from employees and complexity to manage
Impact of change – many employees fear or resist change. Understanding the ‘change curve’ and how as a manager you can support employees through different stages of change, will help to better support your team and be a more effective manager.



“Overall, I found the course really beneficial and it will definitely help me in the future”

“I always struggle to say no. The ‘saying no nicely’ exercise will come in handy”

“Sonya was amazing, kept the course interesting. Enjoyed the breakout rooms where you could speak one and one with the other people on the course”

“The objectives were completely met, only today I had to have a difficult conversation within work. I used the N.E.W.A/ the emotional push approach that I learnt and we came to an agreeable solution. Before attending the course I probably would have just let this certain situation pass by, but it would have been on my mind all day”

"I had the opportunity to take part in HR Dept's Managing People in Changing Times programme, which was incredibly helpful. Sonya is a fantastic teacher and I highly recommend the course if you're looking to improve your skills in being an effective team leader, building trust and managing conflict, and supporting your team through change"



Sonya O'Sullivan
Sonya has extensive experience in developing and delivering Management Development Training, covering leadership, teamwork, change and individual communication styles and is a specialist in presentation, public speaking and influencing skills. Sonya has a breadth of experience having worked in aviation, banking and retail sectors.

Where is it?

Denzell House, Denzell Gardens, Dunham Road, Bowdon WA14 4QE

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