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Lean Champion Programme Cohort 3 Day 2

Date: 12th July 2022
Location: St Antony’s Centre Eleventh Street, Trafford Park, M17 1JF
Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Theme: Business Strategy, Operational efficiency

Sorry this event has already taken place - please see our forthcoming events list

The Lean Champion: Providing the foundations for manufacturing

Tangible improvements in:

  • Quality
  • Processing time reduction
  • Building stronger shop floor relationships
  • Making lives easier
  • Business becoming more profitable

A Lean Organisation

Lean methods are a way of thinking that can be applied to your work and personal life.

They are infectious. You will find yourself working in a team that is an efficient, more collaborative one.

A Lean organisation is an organisation that is focused on maximising profit by understanding and giving the customer what they value 100% of the time.

A Lean Culture

A lean culture is a learning culture. A learning culture values problem solving and the standardisation of good practice.

In this lean organisation problem solving must result in:

  • Improved flow
  • Reduced day to day variability
  • Reduced waste
  • Better information
  • Standardised improvement
  • Better Quality, Cost, Delivery than your competitors
  • The identification of problems and how to solve them

Become a Lean Champion

The Lean Champion exhibits the learning behaviours and possesses the appropriate tools and skills to enable positive change. It is the role of the Lean Champion to coach others, so these skills and behaviours become regular habits and routines throughout the organisation.


Over two days, this course will provide the Lean Champion with:

The What

A process to identify, prioritise and implement continuous improvement opportunities

The What Else

The tools to implement and sustain lean improvements and the critical success factors to make real change

The How

A coaching routine through which they can engage others in lean activities, share the learning, teach the tools, form the habits and routines

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