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Presenting with Impact

Date: 23rd - 24th June 2022
Location: In Person, Greater Manchester
Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Theme: People, Skills & Talent, Leadership & Mentoring

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Fully funded via the GC Business Growth Hub Executive Development Programme.

This highly interactive, fast-moving course is aimed at leaders to further develop their presentation skills to deliver a structured and successful presentation every time.

Course overview:

Everyone at some times, has to deliver a presentation. When facing this challenge it’s important to make an impact and ensure that the desired message is understood and remembered This highly interactive, fast moving course is aimed at business owners and manage with some experience of presenting to further develop their skills to enable them to deliver a structured and successful presentation every time.


By the end of the module delegates will be able to:

  • Deliver a presentation to a range of audiences, confidently and with maximum impact
  • Build strategies for overcoming the fear of presenting and nerves
  • Identify and utilise a framework for planning and structing presentations
  • Utilise various methods to grab and maintain the attention of their audience
  • Effectively utilise presentational and non-presentational visual aids
  • Maximise their personal skills in the presentation arena
  • Conduct and deliver, through practice, many of the presentational skills discussed in a safe and supportive environment

Presentation Deliver:

Delegates are given the opportunity to deliver their pre-prepared presentations at the beginning of the course without any guidance or help this allowing the trainer and audience to observe them in their ‘rawest’ state, then given constructive feedback.


Targeted at Senior leader/Business owner in a business looking to grow. Subject to Business Growth and ERDF eligibility criteria.


Who is Delivering?

Total Excellence Centre: For over 20 years, we’ve been providing highly engaging, innovative, learning and development programmes to SME’s and large multi-national organisation through the UK and Overseas.


We have built and outstanding reputation, designing and delivering high quality solutions, delivered by people who have lived the business experience and genuinely care about developing others.


Working in partnership with our clients, we get to really understand what they are looking for. This means we design training, coaching or consultancy solutions that are perfectly suited to your needs.


We believe we approach business with a different attitude to most – a ‘spark’ that means you can expect more than the ordinary.


Unit 1 Planning Presentations: 

  • Preparing and structing

  • Setting objectives

  • Understanding the audience

  • Developing a game plan

  • Planning to achieve the desired outcome

  • Last minute planning (being dropped in it)

  • Tailoring subject matter (WIIFT)

  • Timing presentations

  • Pitching presentations at the right level

Unit 2 Delivering Presentations:

  • Overcoming nerves

  • Delivery tools and techniques

  • Using words / tone and body language

  • Keeping in control / Looking in control

  • Using audio. Visual aids

  • Using notes and prompts

  • Room layout

  • Using the voice effectively

  • Presenting to carrying sizes of groups

  • Presenting to difference audience ‘’make up’’

  • Dealing with short/ medium/ long presentations

  • Presenting with someone else

Unit 3 Managing Audience Interaction:

  • Dealing with questions

  • Getting the audience involved

  • Making presentations interactive

  • Getting audience to speak/ shut up

  • Putting yourself in the audience’s shoes

  • Dealing with difficult group members/ strong characters

Where is it?

In Person, Greater Manchester

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