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Managing Teams in Changing Times

Date: 26th April - 4th May 2022
Location: Denzell House, Denzell Gardens, Dunham Road, Bowdon WA14 4QE
Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm
Theme: People, Skills & Talent, Leadership & Mentoring

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Fully funded via the GC Business Growth Hub Executive Development Programme.


What the last couple of years has demonstrated is the need for empathetic and considerate management, the ability to support employees through ongoing change and the confidence to have difficult conversations when needed.

Module 1 - EFFECTIVE TEAM LEADERSHIP - Tuesday 26th April

Helping you understand the differences between leading and managing, recognising your own management style, exploring management and leadership skills and awareness of stages of team development that will help you lead high performing teams.


None of us like to admit there are simmering's of conflict where we work, but at some point, if we haven’t already, we will all be faced with a conflict situation. Knowing what it is and how to deal with it is key, to ensuring it doesn’t escalate. We will take you on a practical tour of building trust, managing conflict and how to go about preparing for having a difficult conversation or saying 'no' - something that so often people avoid. At the end of this module, you'll gain tools and techniques but more importantly the confidence to have that difficult conversation.


This interactive workshop is designed to give you the skills to improve how you communicate and manage others through changing times. The Coronavirus pandemic and impact of new technologies will mean that change is going to be a constant for a long time to come. Having an awareness of the importance of your own emotional intelligence, including empathy, together with employees' natural reaction to different stages of change, will help you to better support your team. Through a mix of proven practical exercises, small group discussions and individual learning delivered in each of the three  workshops will provide you with guidance, practical tips and techniques that will enable you to gain the confidence to be a more effective and confident leader back in the workplace.



“Overall, I found the course really beneficial and it will definitely help me in the future”

“I always struggle to say no. The ‘saying no nicely’ exercise will come in handy”

“Sonya was amazing, kept the course interesting. Enjoyed the breakout rooms where you could speak one and one with the

other people on the course”

“The objectives were completely met, only today I had to have a difficult conversation within work. I used the N.E.W.A/ the

emotional push approach that I learnt and we came to an agreeable solution. Before attending the course I probably would

have just let this certain situation pass by, but it would have been on my mind all day”

Where is it?

Denzell House, Denzell Gardens, Dunham Road, Bowdon WA14 4QE

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