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Developing a People Strategy for Business Success

Date: 20th April - 6th May 2022
Location: Denzell House, Denzell Gardens, Dunham Road, Bowdon WA14 4QE
Time: 9:15am - 12:00pm
Theme: People, Skills & Talent, Leadership & Mentoring

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Fully funded via the GC Business Growth Hub Executive Development Programme. 

This Programme is ideal for Business Owners, stand-alone HR Professionals in SMEs or those who have a responsibility for HR

The People Strategy programme is a specialist programme focusing on how to support businesses in developing a bespoke strategic approach for their people resource. Often generic business coaching and strategies for SMEs will focus (importantly) on finance, marketing/customers, operations etc but often does not go into the detail of how to develop a detailed HR/People Strategy, aligned to deliver the strategic aims of the business, that HR specialists are able to provide.

Module 1 - Future World of Work and Business Strategy Weds 20th April 2022

Looking at the medium to long term considerations for employers to consider including impact of Covid-19, AI, government interventions and policy and multi-generational expectations and a changing workforce. Understanding how developing strategic people initiatives is fundamental to your wider Business Strategy.

Module 2 - Understanding the Context Fri 22nd Apr 2022

Understanding the importance of purpose, employee experience and engagement, values, behavioural competencies and how to create a culture of employee advocacy.

Module 3 'How to' develop a People Strategy for your business Weds 27th Apr 2022

Taking into consideration e.g. recruitment, retention, recognition, reward, skill acquisition, development, succession management, performance management, health and wellbeing, corporate social responsibility and metrics.

Module 4 Action Planning Fri 6th May 2022

Review and development of strategic people initiatives into a People Strategy, aligned and bespoke to deliver your overall Business Strategy with a focus on wellbeing, diversity and inclusivity, reward and talent management.


With the importance and focus on employees being a valuable business resource and the more engaged employees are, leading to greater productivity – this programme takes HR from what can normally be transactional/compliance activities  (issuing contracts of employment etc) or good operational HR practices (policies, handbook and training managers) to a more strategic level (developing a strategic people strategy – focused on engagement, employee experience, purpose etc) – with a focus on how this fits with wider company purpose, vision, mission, strategic aims and values.



"A great programme. We learned so much and the connection with other businesses on their journey was invaluable!”

"Excellent course - would highly recommend to all Business Owners and HR professionals in SME businesses"

"This is a no brainer for any SME who wants to take how they manage HR to the next level"

"Really enjoyed it - lots of food for thought. Others who attended also enjoyed it too"

"The value we got from putting our People Strategy in place (and are still getting) is priceless. And it cost us absolutely

nothing except our commitment and time”


Targeted at Senior leader/Business owner in a business looking to grow. Subject to Business Growth and ERDF eligibility criteria.

Where is it?

Denzell House, Denzell Gardens, Dunham Road, Bowdon WA14 4QE

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