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Leading Well Programme

Date: 11th - 18th June 2020
Location: Workplace, Manchester
Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Theme: People, Skills & Talent, Operational efficiency

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Hosted by The Growth Company: Organisational Improvement, this programme spread across 2-days is designed to meet the increasing needs of leaders and managers to support wellbeing issues.

We are seeing more and more organisations investing in the health and wellbeing of their employees - yet we continue to see average absenteeism levels across the UK increasing. Our observations have identified that whilst wellbeing programmes are full of the right intentions, they are often failing to change culture, attitude or beliefs and as such has limited impact in changing behaviours in the long-term.

Our work with organisations has identified the incredible impact that leaders can have on the organisation’s ability to adapt and embed wellbeing principles – both positively and negatively and it is them that will help achieve such a strategy succeed or fail. This one-of-a-kind programme is designed to support the increasing demands placed on Leaders and Managers to drive wellbeing in the workplace – and for wellbeing to have a direct and positive impact on the productivity and performance of staff.

Programme details:

Day 1:

  • Why is a happy, healthy workforce important for business?
  • What do we mean by wellbeing and how do we identify wellbeing issues?
  • Understanding the early warning signs and symptoms of Mental Health conditions
  • Tackling the stigma of mental health
  • How to effectively understand, manage and support wellbeing in the workplace
  • Organisation Action Planning

Day 2:

  • What does happiness and healthiness look like?
  • Introducing the 3 ‘elements’ of wellbeing
  • Contentment with my world
  • Exploration of stress and my personal resilience
  • Understanding my self-care choices
  • Feeding the executive brain
  • Understanding our energy dips and natural highs
  • Exploration into restoring natural sleep
  • Personal Action Planning

Note: Full ERDF funding available for eligible companies. For more information, please email

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