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The Digital Skills Programme - AI and Data

Date: 27th September 2019
Location: BWorks, Manchester
Time: 9:30am - 12:00pm
Theme: People, Skills & Talent, Digital & Technology, Innovation, Business Strategy

Sorry this event has already taken place - please see our forthcoming events list

Hosted in conjunction with BWorks and The Extraordinary Club, the Digital Skills Programme is part of a Europe-wide initiative led by technology giant Facebook, to help develop the confidence and skills for employment in the digital economy – helping students, peoples and businesses alike to stay ahead of the curve and upskill themselves for any point in their education or careers.

Life hacks, know-hows, tips and tricks to live better and work smarter are the main focus of our fully-funded, fun and fast paced taster Facebook Digital Skills Training. They will leave you with invaluable digital tools to use in your everyday life.

In this half-day session we will cover:

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) - we debunk the main misconceptions of AI, along with algorithm creation and how we use this to automate different tasks. We explain the connection between algorithms, AI & automation.
  • Data - we explain how data isn’t just numbers and spreadsheets and how beneficial data is including the identifying key factors that you should consider when making decisions. We also define key data terminology.

 More about BWorks and B:

BWorks is a co-working, event space and bank on Market St in Manchester and is powered by Yorkshire Bank. B is Yorkshire Bank's digital banking service that helps put you in control of your money. With B, you can have a current and instant savings account that work together, a credit card, and you can manage them all through a super-smart intuitive app. B lets you spend, save and borrow in one place.

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