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Turning great ideas into reality – How Intellectual Property can enhance your opportunities

Date: 20th September 2018
Location: Media City UK
Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Theme: Open new markets & Export, Sustainability, Business Strategy

Sorry this event has already taken place - please see our forthcoming events list


Taking Great Ideas on the journey from your alcohol-fueled brilliant thought with friends in a Pub,

to a real, ‘hot-selling’ product or service in your chosen market-place, is hard

Anyone who tells you otherwise is either your competitor or has never done it!

This Workshop will take you on an exciting, inter-active, mutual-learning journey through the key steps you need to know, giving you tips and insights about what to do, what not to do, when to hear alarm bells ringing and when and who to ask for help!

Each journey is different (even though products and services may be similar),

because you and your business, and our economic and political conditions, are always changing.

Right now, we’ll be focused on BREXIT!  Whether you like it or not, BREXIT - like any change - has its Upsides and its Downsides, and as a good business entrepreneur we’ll learn to recognize both, and figure out how to Maximise the Upsides and Minimise the Downsides!

Finally, this Workshop is presented by someone who doesn’t just teach!

(You’ve heard the expression: “Those who know do, those who don’t teach!”)

Your Workshop presenter has been living, eating and breathing this stuff for over 35 years, and has successfully launched and taken his own businesses from ZERO to GO and BEYOND.  He also works on a daily basis with Micro, SME, Medium and Mega (national and international) businesses on how, why and when to develop and launch new products.   His particular expertise is in understanding how to EXPORT new products and services without getting your fingers burnt, and he is regularly recommended by DIT to help would-be export businesses succeed.

Durham Grigg

Specialist areas: IP&technology negotiation, IP&technology dispute mediation, IP audit, review, due diligence, IP valuation & evaluation, IP & technology asset management and exploitation, export & import lP licensing and related issues, tendering, outsourcing and procurement

Whether you simply have a GREAT IDEA, or you’re some-way along the pathway

to turning that GREAT IDEA into PRODUCT or SERVICE REALITY –

This Workshop is a MUST for you! 

See you soon!




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