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The Power of Video

Date: 28th November 2017
Location: Ziferblat, MediaCityUK, Salford, M50 2AB
Time: 9:00am - 4:30pm
Theme: Digital & Technology

Sorry this event has already taken place - please see our forthcoming events list

It’s no secret that video is a powerful tool for brand awareness, but unless done well, it is at risk of acting more of a gimmick than an extension of your brand. When you’re competing with hundreds of other brands putting out video content every single day, how do you make sure yours stands apart from the rest?

In this essential workshop, we’ll guide you through not only the power of video and what that video can do for your brand, but will also be discussing; ‘why video’ in the first place. Why should a brand utilise video as a serious marketing tool, and not view
it simply as a needless expense?

When it comes to the power of video, the truth is it’s all too easy to dismiss it as just another gimmick. But you can be sure that you’ll walk away from our workshop knowing how to utilise it to take your brand marketing to the next level by not only extending your audience reach and keeping it relevant, but also making something that you are incredibly proud of.


  •  The importance of Video for your business / brand
  • What types of video could you commission
  • The ‘Content Matrix’
  • Why video will help you stand out from the crowd
  • What makes great video content
  • What platform should you use?
  • How music can change everything
  • The Video Strategy
  • Top tips to find a film production company
  • The production process

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