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Leadership for Engineering and Manufacturing - Exclusive to Manufacturing businesses

Date: 21st April 2017
Location: Central Manchester
Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Theme: Business Strategy, Open new markets & Export, Start a business

Sorry this event has already taken place - please see our forthcoming events list

This Leadership for Engineering and Manufacturing Masterclass is the second of 3 Manufacturing Masterclasses. Focusing on companies that are involved in mainly providing engineering solutions and products. This will cover the basics of leadership for engineering and manufacturing businesses including: Culture, Corporate Culture and Essences of Leadership Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, and Self-Awareness.

This masterclass has been developed by Raam Shanker, Founder and CEO of Equitus Engineering Limited after seeing visible gaps between organisational vision and strategy and the offices and shop floors. This is aimed at fostering better relationship between the decision makers and the doers, minimising uncertainty in communication, ensuring everyone is collaboratively working towards a common objective.

Attendees will take away insights and practical applications of leadership and management best practices.  The session will be interactive with activities that will enable attendees to talk about their own businesses culture and leadership approaches.  

Raam Shanker, Chartered Mechanical Engineer.



Academic Qualifications: Master’s Degree in Automotive Engineering from University of Sheffield, Undergrad Degree in Mechanical Engineering from VTU, Karnataka, India. 

Specialist Technical and Commercial Skills and Experience: Mechanical Engineering design development, substantiation and validation, manufacturability assessment, mathematical modelling, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, development of methodology, design reviews, compliance evaluation and evidence preparation, rapid prototyping, familiarity with ASME, BS, DIN and other standards, value creation, commercial feasibility analyses, supply chain mapping and sourcing, resource planning and optimisation, integrated project planning, leading multi-disciplinary teams, leading and working with teams across industry sectors and across countries and cultures including teams from India, China, USA, South Africa and South Korea.

 Past Experience:

Started career as a junior engineer at Wilde Analysis Limited. Delivered a multi-body, non-linear, FEA and CFD project with fluid structure interaction for a GlaxoSmithKline, delivered training courses for engineering teams from companies such as NAREC, Babcock Marine and Waters Micromass.

Moved to David Brown Gear Systems Limited and amongst other things, led the analysis team responsible for the certification of a 7MW wind turbine gearbox for Samsung Heavy Industries (the biggest in the UK at that time) according to the requirements of IEC 61400-4 through Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Successfully created and established, best practises and procedures for the Design and Analysis Engineering teams.

 Then moved to Tata Steel Projects and was the Lead Mechanical Engineer in the team responsible for preparation of a technical, commercial and delivery bid that furnished engineering, project planning, resource mapping, make-buy and delivery strategies leading to the company winning a refurbishment contract from Sellafield Limited valued between £20-25 million, spread over five years. Was also Lead Mechanical Engineer in the team responsible for delivering a Power Module Transport Package for Rolls-Royce, valued at £5 million over 18 months.


Founded Equitus Engineering Limited as a Mechanical Engineering Solutions provider in May last year, specialising in Mechanical Engineering Design development, validation and substantiation.



Intro to Workshop

Delegate Introductions

Story - Chef Dan Barber

Culture + Corporate Culture + Mission Vision Values and Role of Leadership in flowing these down

Group Activity –Mission, vision and how it is reflected in daily business

Situations of Change:  Company change – current, recent and historical

The business of engineering -Understanding the business of engineering, projects CQT

Coffee Break

A well-engineered product - Interactive discussion

Essence of Leadership - Integrity

Essence of Leadership - Self Awareness

Essence of Leadership - Accountability

Essence of Leadership - Transparency & Consistency

Essence of Leadership - Nurturing Growth

Deliberation - What is it about my leadership that is producing these outcomes?

Summary and Close

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