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Northern Powerhouse European Union

Exporting Goods to the EU

Key Changes

What businesses need to do

Regardless of ‘deal or no deal’ businesses exporting goods to the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein need to plan for change. Under Government’s new guidance there is a raft of new processes, systems and associated costs which you need to review and prepare for now.  

These will apply from January 1st 2021 so it’s important you plan for customs declarations, additional paperwork and documentation to ensure continuity of supply to your customers and avoid issues at the border. These will apply even if a Free Trade Agreement (a ‘deal’) is agreed with the EU.  

If a deal is agreed the conditions, tariffs and quotas will be set out. Both sides are aiming for zero tariffs and quotas. However, the changes to customs and border controls will still apply. If a non-negotiated outcome (‘no deal’) is reached further procedures and regulatory changes will take effect. This will bring further costs, the potential for delays and challenges in maintaining competitive pricing.  

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