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Supply Chain Strategies

Supply Chain – Minimise Risk and Maximise Profit

12th August and 16th September, 9:30am to 12:30pm

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how vulnerable our supply chains are and how the risks within them are not necessarily where we previously believed them to be.  Companies with good visibility of their supply chain and the potential risks within it, have weathered this storm more effectively and are more likely to emerge from this crisis in a profitable position.

In this workshop we will talk about how to identify and mitigate risks within the supply chain, not only in the traditional way but also looking at the importance of social values and the use of digital technologies within the supply chain to ensure resilience and profitability.

This is an interactive session based on your business and your experience and will focus on:


  • Identifying strategic risks within your supply chain
  • Actions that can be taken to mitigate those risks and protect your profitability
  • Understanding social value within the supply chain and how to capture your social impact
  • Exploring digital risks within the supply chain and where digital technologies can help to protect your supply chain
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