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Strive & Thrive with a Strategic Approach to Digital Marketing

Strive and Thrive with a Strategic Approach to Digital Marketing

11 August 9.30am to 12.30pm

15 September 1pm to 4pm

13 October 1pm to 4pm

Many businesses are now reassessing their Digital Marketing efforts in response to COVID-19 and the changing landscape within which we find ourselves. Join us for practical advice on how to harness a variety of digital tools to build your online presence, increase engagement with customers and reach your target audiences.

This session will take you through:

  • The foundation of Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • Interactive format.
  • Peer to Peer learning.
  • Application exercises.
  • Online research tools.
  • Digital writing, publishing, imaging tools.
  • Digital media & channels.
  • Digital scheduling & analysis tools.

You will come away with a refreshed approach to digital marketing to help support your current/future digital marketing activities.

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