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Safely Reopening Your Workplace Toolkit

6 steps to safely reopen your workplace 6 steps to safely reopen your workplace

Access our guide to safely reopening your workplace.

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Managing shift patterns Managing shift patterns

10 steps to stagger work patterns during COVID-19

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TFGM Travel advice TFGM Travel advice

Get the latest travel advice from TFGM to keep you and your colleagues safe.

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Steps to reopen your hospitality business Steps to reopen your hospitality business

Our guide will take you through the key steps to safely reopen and ensure the health and safety of your staff and customers.

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Safely Managing Queues Safely Managing Queues

As a business, you need to be aware of the risk of queues forming inside and outside of your business.

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Cleaning Guidance Cleaning Guidance

Read the HSE guidance on cleaning your workplace to reduce risk from COVID-19

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Risk Assessment Risk Assessment

Access a free COVID-19 risk assessment template.

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COVID-19 cases in the workplace COVID-19 cases in the workplace

Guidance for employers, businesses and workers to manage the risk of transmission in the workplace whilst supporting the NHS test and trace service.

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Case Study: Bruntwood

Bruntwood has been working to let colleagues and customers know how they can safely utilise its buildings. #SafeGM

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#SafeGM businesses

Greater Manchester vegan hand wash manufacturer continues production

A Bury-based manufacturer of vegan hand wash has put new measures in place to protect staff and keep in demand hand wash in production, with the help of guidance from GC Business Growth Hub.


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Gin distillery backed by GC Business Growth Hub protects key workers against COVID-19

A gin distillery backed by GC Business Growth Hub has switched production to sanitising liquid in support of efforts to keep key workers safe from COVID-19.


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Manchester Metropolitan’s PrintCity mobilises 3D printing facilities and expertise to offer solutions in the fight against COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the global digital manufacturing community has been utilising 3D printing capabilities to develop much needed hospital parts.


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SafeGM Case Study – Bruntwood

With more than 100 landmark properties and a team of 800 people, Manchester-based Bruntwood is a major landlord and provider of office space.


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Safe workplaces FAQs

Find out all the information you need to make your workplace safe, by reading our specific safe workplaces FAQs.

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More information is available on the UK Government’s Coronavirus Business Support website. For more personalised advice call us on: 0161 237 4128 or email us at:


The information provided is meant as a general guide only rather than advice or assurance. GC Business Growth Hub does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information and professional guidance should be sought on all aspects of business planning and responses to the coronavirus. Use of this guide and toolkit are entirely at the risk of the user. Any hyperlinks from this document are to external resources not connected to the GC Business Growth Hub and The Growth Company is not responsible for the content within any hyperlinked site.