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Working on your business

This page was last updated on 27 April 2022.

Enquire and Grow

Working on your business rather than in your business is a challenge many owners have come to face. With the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have been firefighting to operate within the government guidance and continue serving their customers.

However, as we move into the recovery phase, businesses should begin to refocus on planning for the future. Reviewing and redefining your strategy can provide direction for the business and its employees, can help you identify opportunities and barriers to growth and ultimately lead to business resilience and sustainability.

Moving away from a doing mindset

In order to work on your business, you will need to transition from a “doing” mindset which includes being involved in the day-to-day running of the organisation to a “delegating” one, involving overseeing operations whilst focusing on driving the company vision. By establishing and maintaining a clear strategic plan, the business will be able to successfully transition from the recovery phase to the growth stage.


Can I claim Business Interruption (BI) insurance for
coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The Supreme Court’s judgment in the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA)’s
BI test case will enable more SMEs to make successful claims and recover the financial losses incurred because of the pandemic.

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Business Continuity Planning: Are you prepared for any eventuality?

Business Continuity Planning is a must for every business, especially in
light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how to plan for the worst-case scenario and why asking ‘What if?’ is such an important question.

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How can event businesses grow? How can event businesses grow?

In our blog, we explore how event businesses can reimagine their offering to build a viable sales pipeline during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Business strategy during a global pandemic Business strategy during a global pandemic

Redefine your strategy and develop an implementation plan to recover and grow

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Effective leadership in times of crisis Effective leadership in times of crisis

Our guide to effectively lead your teams to help your business strive and thrive

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Managing Finance and Cashflow

Advice and guidance on financial support available

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Business Support Workshops and Webinars

Access a selection of workshops and webinars to help you navigate the new economic environment and reshape your business strategy. 

GC Business Growth Hub series of events

Build Back Better

Help create a healthier, greener, smarter, more connected, more productive and overall better Greater Manchester

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Support Services

More information is available on the UK Government’s Coronavirus Business Support website. For more personalised advice call us on: 0161 359 3050 or email us at:


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