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Operational Efficiency

Part of Marston Holdings, NSL Services provides parking enforcement services in a number of Greater Manchester locations. #SafeGM

In Manchester, NSL Services employs around 160 people across three city centre offices, including its main management office in Hooper Street, Ardwick.

NSL Services’ staff are classed as key workers and its services and offices have remained operational through the coronavirus pandemic, with measures to ensure safe working practices introduced in line with evolving Government guidelines.

NSL employs 15 office staff in Manchester. The rest of its employees provide services including parking enforcement, with around 70 employees are deployed to work from its Manchester offices every day. NSL staff have supported humanitarian causes during the coronavirus pandemic, including delivering food to vulnerable people.

The information below outlines the measures that NSL Services has introduced to safeguard staff and members of the public.


Covid-19 Workplace Adjustments

NSL On Street staff

  1. Hand Sanitiser Stations at each base.
  2. 2-metre social distance tape on areas where officer’s queue (Clock in machine etc).
  3. Vehicle cleaning packs along with user cleaning checklists for each usage.
  4. Keeping the number of people in the vehicle to a minimum and as distanced within the vehicle space as possible.
  5. Hourly cleaning schedule for all three bases (including door handles, tables).
  6. A plentiful supply of cleaning products for staff to use during their shift for cleaning surfaces and equipment.
  7. Social distance signage around each base.
  8. Bright floor stickers that reiterate 2-meter social distancing.
  9. ‘Maximum number of occupants’ signage on every door.  This prevents numbers breaching two-metre distancing.
  10. Staggered start and finish times.
  11. Staggered break times and reduced numbers in break locations.
  12. Regularly briefing staff on changes to Covid-19 restrictions throughout the pandemic.  Staff briefings take place in carpark locations with staff more than 2 metres apart.
  13. Maintaining a record of all visitors at each base.
  14. Awareness and focus on the importance of mental health at times of uncertainty via notice boards, posters, and the employee assistance number.
  15. Gloves provided when carrying out food deliveries to the vulnerable.
  16. Installed sneeze guards on all desks facing each other that could not be moved.
  17. Removed furniture (Chairs and tables) from rooms to prevent overcrowding and unwanted employees from sitting down.
  18. Implementation of email correspondence from both payroll and admin team.  Pre commit payslips are now emailed rather than printed and handed to employees.
  19. Provided hand soap at each kitchen sink and not just toilets.
  20. Implemented UV wands at each base to sanitise equipment (HHC, Printers, Radio’s) + computers, keyboards, and mice.
  21. Provided face coverings for all staff to use on public transport or where less than 2 metre distancing is difficult.
  22. Implemented a sign off sheet so that all staff are aware of each measure in place
  23. Provided a dedicated manager to lead on Covid-19 advice and log instances of isolation.
  24. Management spot checks daily at different times to ensure staff remain compliant of the workplace covid-19 changes.
  25. Shadowing is conducted 2 metres apart and with both officers mirroring the steps on a computer each.
  26. Field visits are conducted on street to prevent the need to use offices.
  27. Implementation of a Covid-19 Noticeboard at each base displaying policies for Employees Exhibiting COVID-19 Symptoms, risk assessments and COSHH paperwork for cleaning / sanitisers chemicals.
  28. Employee support number for staff to use should they have concerns or require personal assistance outside of work.
  29. Deliveries from suppliers are quarantined in our uniform cage for 48 hours before being opened.
  30. Staff have been prevented from working at multiple bases or different contracts to prevent cross contamination of bases.
  31. One-way corridors in city centre base so officers do not have to pass each other in reduced spaces.
  32. No more than one person at a time in the lift.
  33. Any one to one recorded meeting (Disciplinaries / RTW / Welfare etc) have the wording - This meeting is being conducted in accordance with full Company and Government guidelines for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Appropriate measures are in place including the required social-distancing and hygiene procedures/protocols as currently recommended. All parties involved in this meeting agree and are happy to continue in these circumstances.



  1. Staff induction courses have become E-Leaning which can be completed at home.
  2. Right to work documents are checked behind Perspex screens and an image is sent to the recruiting manager.
  3. Interviews are carried out over Microsoft teams to prevent the need to attend the office.



  1. No cash payments taken at the pound.
  2. Signage advising of social distancing.
  3. Already a security screen in place acting as a sneeze guard.
  4. Staff open gates etc to prevent customers touching any surfaces.
  5. All paperwork is emailed to the customer rather than being handed across the counter.

More information is available on the UK Government’s Coronavirus Business Support website. For more personalised advice call us on: 0161 237 4128 or email us at:


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