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Thos Storey cutting out the waste


Thos Storey is a privately owned company that produces and supplies steel fabricated products to a range of customers, from multinational manufacturers to small start-ups. It has an annual turnover of over £12 million and employs 136 staff at its factory site in Openshaw, Manchester.

The challenge:

The business is continually looking for new ways to reduce its environmental footprint and cut emissions and waste, while saving money at the same time.

The solution:

Thos Storey holds the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and the Carbon Action Standard, and has worked with the Hub's Green Growth team to reduce its environmental impact since 2007.

It had already identified opportunities to improve its environmental performance independently, having recently improved the efficiency of its spray booth ovens – which are used to add coatings to steel products – by changing shift patterns and optimising oven space.
These changes reduced gas costs by 23 per cent, saving the business £24,000 and cutting 170 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

Having carried out a site visit in February 2014, alongside the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), now part of the Hub's growth services, Green Growth identified a number of new resource efficiency opportunities for Thos Storey, and is now supporting the ongoing implementation process.
Thos Storey has replaced its fixed speed drive air compressor with a variable speed drive unit, which will improve machine efficiency and result in a cleaner operational environment. It is estimated that this change will save £4,000 and 39 tonnes of CO2e a year, with a payback of five years.
The Hub's eco-innovation specialists supported Thos Storey in changing its waste contract to reduce unnecessary costs and the number of bins onsite. This has resulted in waste disposal savings of at least £10,000, a 36 per cent reduction.
The new contract ensures that none of the company’s waste goes to landfill, with any non-recyclable waste material transferred to an energy-from-waste facility.
By analysing the authorised electricity supply capacity to the factory site, Green Growth was able to save Thos Storey £5,000 by reducing supply capacity by 36 per cent, while still allowing for flexibility to meet customer demands and future expansion needs.
The company has also begun to implement Green Growth’s recommendation to replace high bay lights on site with energy efficient LEDs. This move has already saved £6,000 and 34 tonnes CO2e, with £12,000 and 69 tonnes CO2e of further savings still to be made as more lights are replaced.

In total, Thos Storey has saved £49,000, reduced carbon emissions by 243 tonnes and achieved zero waste to landfill, thanks to support from Green Growth, delivered by ENWORKS.

Going forward, a number of further resource efficiency improvements have been earmarked for the future. Along with the continuation of LED lamp replacements, Green Growth will work with Thos Storey to identify new savings opportunities through compressed air leak detection and thermal imaging surveys, find new outlets for specialist wastes and help progress their environmental strategy.
Jo Lynch, commercial director at Thos Storey, said: “Green Growth has been an invaluable resource to us.  Whilst we strive for continual improvement, this would have proven to be a lot harder without the help, insight and advice from Green Growth. 
“They have provided new ideas and practical advice on ways that we could save both energy and money.”
Green Growth environmental business advisor, Alasdair Dalzel-Job, said: “Thos Storey Fabrications is a proactive and responsible organisation. Whilst [the above] achievements are impressive, they are constantly looking for ways to improve and I look forward to working with them in the future.”


The Hub offers a number of environmental support services, including eco-innovation, energy efficiency, and low carbon sector development. Want to find out more? Just Enquire and Grow today.


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