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£106k biomass saving for Axiom Displays


Axiom Displays, an Oldham-based retail fixtures and display specialist, has slashed energy and waste costs with a new biomass boiler and is working with the Business Growth Hub to find further savings.

Axiom has been designing, manufacturing and fitting retail displays for well-known brands and retail groups for over 55 years.

The company’s site in Failsworth houses large computerised cutting, shaping, drilling and edging machinery; spray booths; full assembly plant; distribution and warehousing operations, as well as an expert CAD design team that produces 3D visuals for customers.

The challenge:

With significant heat demand on site and wood waste going to landfill, Axiom identified that it could make substantial savings and reduce its environmental impact by installing a biomass boiler to recover energy from its wood waste.

The solution:

Now installed, the boiler has reduced annual energy costs by £17,000. It is also diverting around 640 tonnes of waste wood from landfill each year, saving a further £48,000 in waste costs.

In addition, the boiler qualifies for £41,000 in annual payments from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, which provides a financial incentive to companies implementing renewable heat technologies.

In total, the boiler will pay for itself in less than two and a half years. The Green Growth service has also calculated that it has reduced Axiom’s annual carbon emissions by 636 tonnes – equivalent to driving a Hummer from Manchester to the moon nearly five times.

Phil Barton, production director at Axiom Displays, said: “Our new biomass boiler is a sound investment that is not only cutting our costs considerably, but also turning our waste into a valuable resource and reducing our environmental impact."

Axiom is now working with the Business Growth Hub to investigate other potential efficiency improvements, using the Green Growth team’s energy logging technology to inform its plans. 

The company is also committed to sourcing sustainable raw materials for its products and is progressing with plans to achieve Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

Claire Scott, environmental business advisor, said: “The substantial savings from Axiom’s biomass boiler are proof that green technologies can provide huge benefits for SMEs. 

“Axiom Displays is a forward-thinking business that recognises these benefits, and I am looking forward to helping them take advantage of more opportunities in future.”

Barton added: “The boiler is just the first in a series of steps we want to take to improve our efficiency and become more sustainable; the expert support from the Business Growth Hub will be key to helping us achieve this goal.”


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