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Operational Efficiency

Delph pizza pan maker slices into energy savings

Alphin Pans, a precision sheet metal manufacturer specialising in pizza and fast-food commercial cookware, has boosted its bottom line after receiving support to improve energy efficiency.

The Overview

The company, based in Delph near Oldham, worked closely with advisors at GC Business Growth Hub to implement a range of energy efficiency measures, some of which have made a noticeable impact at very little cost.

Alphin Pans was founded in 1989 and started out as a supplier of pizza and fast food equipment. The company now employs 46 full-time staff and manufactures pans, cookware and bakeware products as well as a range of bespoke items for other industries, such as housings for LED lights and components for ventilation equipment.

New machinery purchased with help from Export Fund

The Challenge

With a comprehensive factory of manufacturing and tooling equipment, Alphin Pans had several options to improve its energy efficiency and investigated potential solutions with the support of a dedicated Business Growth Hub advisor.

The Solution

An ultrasonic leak detection survey identified a number of leaks on pipework and connections which could be fixed at little or no cost. Good practice guidance on how to maximise energy savings from compressors also helped to reduce the pressure on one of the company’s four compressors.

Lighting was also upgraded to energy efficient LEDs following a factory survey, which was supported by grant funding from the Business Growth Hub.

In total, Alphin Pans has realised initial energy cost savings of more than £8,500 per year and reduced the carbon footprint of its factory by nearly 29 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent).

In addition to the energy efficiency support, Alphin Pans was also awarded a grant from the Greater Manchester Export Fund to help purchase a range of new equipment, including a new automatic spinning machine, an insertion machine and a punching machine. The new machinery will help to increase production capacity, create jobs and boost exports worldwide.

“We are in a significant period of growth thanks to our export funding and maintaining energy efficiency is an important consideration for us”, said David Hutchinson, finance director at Alphin Pans.

“It was interesting to explore the number of different things we could do to reduce our energy consumption and that’s down to the support we received from the Business Growth Hub. This is just the start - we’re now planning to invest in further equipment to continue to grow and to improve the efficiency of the work we deliver.”

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Update: In 2020, Alphin Pans was awarded a Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for its contribution to international trade.

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