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All Survey says…pitch perfect


All Survey helps businesses to take practical steps to document and management asbestos in buildings. They have also developed a range of services to help businesses make their premises more energy efficient, including Legionella Assessments and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

The business has developed a successful operational model in Manchester which is now expanding its services and opening a laboratory to bring the asbestos sampling in-house to not only save money but to be able to provide additional services to customers and other suppliers.

The model is to be replicated in London and other major cities in the near future, often employing skilled surveyors and other employees on a contract basis.

The challenge:

The business identified the need for an external advisor to offer a fresh pair of eyes to assess the way in which they worked. They also wanted to explore the possibility of extending their legionella surveys and risk assessments.

As All Survey Surveying Director, Gemma Voaden, explains: “We needed to undertake this analysis so we could understand where we could develop quickest in order to grow our business and services.”

The business was also keen to review and refine various business processes, including communications, time management and tendering, while also exploring new markets and sectors. Together with the wider aim, which was to increase their workforce and move more employees on to full-time contracts.

The solution:

A number of key employees from across the business enrolled on the Executive Development Programme (EDP) and were teamed up with one of the Hub’s specialists, Jacqui Anderson, who reviewed the whole operation.

They worked together to revise the business structure, ensuring that directors could spend more time on strategy and growth rather than the day-to-day running of the business.

As Jacqui explains: “I referred All Survey to one of our service delivery suppliers, Ruby Star Associates, who worked with the business on a number of key components of driving growth, including an analysis of market opportunities and how to approach tenders.

Isla Wilson, Founder and Director at Ruby Star, explains: “We worked with All Survey during a period of growth and expansion to support them to refine, focus and prioritise strategic objectives.

We helped to introduce approaches and processes which will set a firm foundation for increased growth and complexity as the business delivers its ambitious strategy.”

The executive team at All Survey were also trained in how to manage risk in the business, while key employees are being developed and trained as part of a new company growth plan.

Communications were also revamped to help raise awareness of the business and a new emphasis placed on time management skills across the company.

“The way in which our business operates time is of the essence and we need to reach people to educate them on the dangers of asbestos before any harm is done,” explains Gemma. “So not only do we need to be able to communicate well as a team but also to be effective in communicating our message to as large an audience as possible.”

Jacqui adds: “Our service is all about helping business leaders lift their gaze – because we know it’s all too easy to get caught up in the thick of everyday operations.

“The senior management team are now spending more time on their strategic planning and promoting growth.”

As a result of the changes, the business has been able to expand their legionella programme and take on two new assessors and a further member to the office-based team.

Gemma adds: “The EDP was fantastic and I really felt that throughout the whole process the sessions were tailored for our business – there was nothing generic about it.

“What really stood out was the way in which the team at the Business Growth Hub has changed the way in which we approach tenders and helped key employees to overcome their anxiety about pitching.

“Being able to produce a “killer pitch” is so crucial these days – and the coaching our team received has given our team the confidence to be able to present to different audiences, from a room of entrepreneurs, to a meeting of CEOs.”

And the coaching has already paid off, with the business winning a pitching competition at the Entrepreneurial Spark Awards, powered by Natwest.

The business relocated back to Oldham in July 2017 to expand premises in order to set up their laboratory and training room – a move which will see the business move closer to “home” as All Survey Director, Ruth Wyers, was born and raised in the area.

In future, the business hopes to provide free asbestos awareness training to all local apprentices.

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