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Brexit: weekly news digest 3 Dec

With the withdrawal agreement accepted by the EU27, Theresa May has spent this week trying to sell her deal and gain MP support.

A Government backed online campaign is circulating, showing the benefits of May's deal, her letter to the nation and support statements from business.

The practicalities of passing the Withdrawal Agreement remain problematic for the cabinet, with resistance coming from all camps but with Labour threatening to push a vote of no confidence.

The European Court of Justice will rule on 4 December whether Article 50 can be revoked without the agreement of the other 27 EU states. 

Carmakers Ford showed their support this week, calling the alternative - leaving without a deal - catastrophic. There was also support from the President of Morgan Stanley and Sir Ian Wood.

The EEF reported manufacturers are continuing to stockpile goods in fear of materials running dry as we near Brexit.

The Bank of England announced its Analysis paper of a no deal Brexit, with Mark Carney's warning of a possible recession  and that large portions of the UK economy are no ready for a no-deal exit from the EU.  In response to Carney’s comments, Jacob Rees-Mogg said that the Bank of England’s analysis ‘lacks credibility’. Liam Fox also commented and said that he didn't agree with some of the Bank of England’s analysis.

Donald Trump sent a shot across the bows with his comment that the US may not be able to negotiate a free trade deal with the UK once it leaves the EU, but the UK government saying the Withdrawal agreement seemed ‘a great deal for the EU’. 

The UK government spoke of preparations for no deal, which will have to be triggered if the Withdrawal agreement is rejected on the vote through the Commons on 11 December.

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