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Brexit: weekly news digest 9th Nov

With last week's budget still fresh in the news, positive economic growth figures were released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), showing the UK economy has grown beyond expectations.

The ONS reported 0.6% economic growth in Quarter 3, despite a 1.2% decline in business investment.

With advanced Brexit planning now taking hold, BMW announced that it has increased its air logistics to ensure component movements, into the UK from the EU, are secured.

The Transport Secretary also makes investment murmurs around Ramsgate port, to alleviate the pressure on the Calais route into Dover.  

But rumours still abound of a draft deal to be circulated to ministers as early as Tuesday 13 November, which has given the stock and currency markets confidence this week.

And 70 senior business leaders have called for a vote on any Brexit deal, citing that the country is facing  "either a blindfold or a destructive hard Brexit" in a letter to the Times.

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