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Brexit: weekly news digest 26 Nov

So, once again, this has been a non-stop week for the UK cabinet and the Brexit agenda.

On Sunday 25th November, the EU announced that the UK Withdrawal Agreement had been unanimously accepted, despite Spain's concerns over Gibraltar.

The deal was approved at a special EU summit.  The next steps for the UK cabinet is to have the agreement pass through parliament which even the Prime Minister's closest allies agree will be challenging  - Jeremy Hunt says the deal is the best option -  with warnings of Government instability if the deal faced the expected opposition.

The details of the negotiated Brexit withdrawal deal has been analysed in all camps.  Business opinions seem to remain polarised, with Forbes interviewing five entrepreneurs about their opinions. 

There was initial support from business, with news around a slowdown in contingency plans to move banking staff out of the UK to the EU

But there has been some commentary about the details of the withdrawal agreement being a compromise, leaving businesses still exposed to risk and worsening economic forecasts, according to the report from the National Institute for Economic and Social Research. and the BBC discussed a loss of productivity once the UK leaves the EU.

The Institute for Government has reviewed what the political relationship with the EU may look like under the terms of the withdrawal deal in the Institute for Government negotiation analysis.

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