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The benefits of being a Mentor or Mentee

Business Growth Hub Mentoring Programme  

As an experienced business professional, do you want to give back and pass on your experience to the next generation of business leaders? As an entrepreneur, do you want guidance and insight from a veteran in your journey of expansion? If yes, we welcome you to join our mentoring programme and be part of the thriving community of successful businesses across Greater Manchester. With a bespoke digital mentoring platform, we will match you with a critical decision maker in different sectors and industries. Through interaction, while the mentee can benefit from experience sharing, the mentor will also be nurtured with innovative ideas. The ultimate goal is to achieve a win-win situation for both parties and unlock growth across the region. 

With more than ten years of experience delivering mentoring programmes, we have: 

  • Supported more than 1,300 businesses in Greater Manchester, 90% SMEs. 
  • Recruited and engaged more than 700 mentors from SMEs and corporations and helped develop 1,100 senior business leaders 
  • 2,500 mentoring relationships have been established through the years, with a successful matching rate of 97%. 
  • Fostered the creation of 905 new jobs and helped uplift sales of £33m. 

A mentoring relationship can last from months to years — if both parties value the impact of the meetings. Mentors act as a confidential sounding board, giving back by helping their mentees accelerate decision-making, gain access to new networks and develop valuable skills. By becoming a mentor, you can share your invaluable insights with mentees and help them to achieve their business goals. In return, you will be inspired by the new ideas and methods employed by mentees from various sectors and industries, allowing for experience sharing both ways. In addition, by joining the mentoring programme, you become part of the wider business community in Greater Manchester, intending to support each other to achieve regional growth. 

Joining the programme as a mentee will open up opportunities to learn from diverse individuals who have gone through similar stages in their business expansion. They can learn from new experiences and insights shared by their mentors and have the chance to re-calibrate their strategies. This will make  them more likely to achieve their business goals without the trial-and-error process experienced by their mentors. 

With the latest digital platform, we provide an efficient and convenient way for mentors and mentees to enroll on the programme and find suitable counterparts. Individuals can easily complete the whole enrollment process at home. In addition, the digital platform also helps to break geographical and sector barriers, connecting both parties to start a meaningful mentoring relationship. 

You can help the next generation of business leaders in Greater Manchester to be the center of successful business stories that create benefits for both the planet and humankind. For more details, please contact:  



Call: 0161 359 3050 


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