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Scale Up Week 2022

According to the Scale up institute survey in 2021, access to markets, talent, and finance are the top three barriers faced by scaleups in the UK to grow their business.

With 78% of scaleups considering access to markets as the most pressing issue for growth, 66% of scaleups nominated access to talent as vital and one of their top priority areas that must be addressed. Besides, access to appropriate finance and growth capital remains a crucial challenge for scaleups to develop, with 48% thinking it is the critical factor to support their growth.   

Those questions set out above have just become more acute in 2022. Economic uncertainty, geopolitical volatility and net zero urgency all contributed to setting this up as a decade of change, with plenty of challenges and opportunities that scaling businesses must respond to with leadership and purpose. In Growth Company, we believe that with the proper support and funding, the next generation of scaleup leaders can be the centre of the global success stories that contribute to the planet and humankind.   

In the Global Scale-Up programme, we provide holistic support for businesses with the ambition to grow. Successful applicants who gain a place on the programme will have access to global experts, the latest international growth tools, global market opportunities and an exclusive peer-to-peer network of companies who have scaled their businesses globally. These can be crucial to the scaleups to cope with those top three barriers to growth by expanding into new international markets, attracting the right talent and finding the necessary funding to support business growth.   

In 2021, the programme had already been recognised as ‘One to Watch’ by the Scale Up Institute for its increasing evidence of support to break down the barriers faced by scaleups entering international markets. 86% of Global Scale-up business leaders found that the programme enabled them to create, refocus and improve their business strategy, which helped them to sharpen their edge and outperform their competitors in the international arena. 

Are you considering taking your business to the next level and going global? Check out our fully funded Global Scale-up Programme - enabling companies across the whole of Greater Manchester to rapidly expand into multiple markets all over the world. 


Apply Now >>> Global Scale-Up Programme | GC Business Growth Hub 

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