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BBfA Food Safety

If you’re planning to produce, store or sell food or drink, you will need to register with your local authority and ensure that you are meeting all statutory requirements, including having an appropriate food safety management system in place. Food safety laws are enforced by your local environmental health team.

Top tips:

• Register your business at least 28 days before you start trading.
• Implement a suitable food safety management system which may include records of your procedures and monitoring checks.
• Decide what type of food hygiene training is required for you and your employees and make sure it is delivered and refreshed when needed.
• Make sure your premises is a suitable size and construction, clean, well-lit and protected from pests.
• Ensure you and your employees understand how to clean, disinfect and sanitise your work area appropriately.
• Make sure you have procedures in place for the correct storage and transportation of food. Your procedures must include monitoring of temperature control points.
• Understand how to prevent contamination of food and ensure employees follow food safety procedures.
• Ensure food is labelled in line with legal requirements, and that consumers are not misled
• Understand the legal requirements around allergens and provide information for your customers in line with legal requirements.
• Have an understanding of any legal or compositional requirements which apply to the foods you produce.
• Seek specialist advice before using any health or nutrition claims on foods.

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