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BBfA Fair Trading

Who is affected?

Fair trading rules apply to the sale and supply of goods and services, usually enforced by trading standards teams within your local authority.  When businesses trade fairly customers feel confident and are more likely to return.

Operating within a fair trading environment ensures truthfulness of trade and prevents customers from being misled before, during and after the purchase of goods or the use of a service. This area of consumer protection law includes an eclectic mix of legislation covering what you sell, how you sell it, and where you sell. A number of different regulations relate to specific products and services including vehicles, hallmarked articles, footwear, textiles & clothing, financial products, property repairs and many more.

Top tips:

  • Specific rules will apply depending on what you plan to sell, to whom, and how.  For example, whether you intend to provide goods or services, target consumers or other businesses, or operate face-to-face or via the internet or telephone.
  • Make sure you understand the goods/ services you intend to provide and any specific rules you may need to follow
  • Ensure goods are fit for purpose, of satisfactory quality , accurately described & priced and comply with any legal requirements,
  • Give consumers enough information about goods and services so they can make an informed choice
  • Provide full contact details for your business and make them easily accessible and readily available
  • Be aware of your obligations as a business in relation to consumer rights, including dealing with disputes

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