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Apprenticeship Growth Service

Ask anyone, the life an apprentice can bring to your business is invaluable. Their energetic minds are fresh with ideas that can spark a series of ideas to move your business forward. Best of all they’re free of the baggage of bad habits picked up elsewhere. But there is no easy way to train an apprentice; it starts with a blank page.

If you are an employer, chances are, you have considered whether or not it is worth your effort to hire one or more apprentices for your business – the simple answer is you can’t afford not to.

What do we do?

The good news is that apprenticeships have evolved − the way in which they’re funded and delivered has changed to reflect the needs of modern business.

We’re here to help you to make the best use of the government’s apprenticeship levy, introduced in 2017.

First of all, hiring an apprentice isn’t going to cost you the world. Businesses with less than 50 employees, who take on an apprentice under the age of 19, will be able to claim 100% funding. SMEs with more employees than that need to cover 10% of the costs – while all SMEs can claim £1,000 support payment.

The benefits to your business are huge if you choose to take on and train an apprentice; they enable you to mould and shape your team to the company’s culture and values − which helps instil a great feeling of loyalty. As well as filling vacancies, you can also tap into apprentice training and funding to up-skill your existing team.

We advise on what apprenticeship training is needed, source the best training provider for you and then manage the whole process which overcomes traditional barriers to taking on an apprentice, such as time and administration costs.

Apprenticeships aren’t tied to specific sectors either – they’re much more flexible – and can be adapted to match your business needs, whether you need an engineer or an accountant, an IT technician or a chef.

With higher education costs spiralling, many of our most talented young people are now looking to earn and learn, with new Degree Apprenticeships becoming an increasingly attractive proposition.

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