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Apprenticeship Growth Service: the key to up-scaling, training and recruiting for your business

Over 650 SME’s across Greater Manchester have used our free and impartial service to upscale, train and recruit employees for their business.

It is an end-to-end service, with our advisors providing hands-on support in developing an effective workforce development plan that businesses can use to highlight any skills gaps as well as draw upon key information and knowledge relating to recruiting and upskilling new and existing staff through co-investment opportunities. For example, did you know there is no longer an educational ceiling in place meaning individuals with a degree can now gain new skills via the apprenticeship route, which was previously unavailable to them.

This service is the key to not only developing an apprenticeship programme within your business but also helping you to improve on existing training programmes and opportunities, ensuring you are gaining the most out of, and for your apprentices - from finding the right course to the right training provider.

Apprenticeships can be used to benefit customer services, management skills, accountancy skills, etc. The benefit to us is that we retain staff, we educate and it propels the business forward.

Cameron Fretwell, Owner, Fretwell Bennett

When the Business Growth Hub came in to help us develop a workforce development plan, it helped us to focus on taking a more strategic and long-term approach to our apprenticeship programme. We feel that it will give us a useful insight into the progress that we’ve made and what more we need to do in the future.

Adam Rhodes, Bennett Verby LLP

The Project is delivered by the Business Growth Hub and works in Partnership with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

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