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Helping you through the innovation challenge. With dedicated and specialist support to eliminate financial risk and uncertainty, giving you the best possible chance at launching a new innovation.

On average it takes 19 months for a UK SME to take an idea from the drawing board to a finished product


Innovation means many things to many people, but it’s far from simply being about new inventions. It could involve a new product, a new service, a new process, a new way of marketing an existing product or even a more radical innovation, such as looking at an entirely new business model.

We understand the difficulties in developing new ideas and the time needed to do this – sometimes referred to as the Innovation Cycle. In UK, on average it takes 19 months for SMEs to take an idea from the drawing board to a finished product and being first in the market can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.

We can help you identify opportunities, evaluate your ideas and connect you with the right contacts and resources you need to get them to market.


Who is the service for?

Whether you are an established business that needs to reinvent and re-energise itself, or run a business with a disruptive technology that’s set to transform a market, harnessing innovation will be crucial for your future growth. The service is designed to support you in tackling those barriers which are holding you back.

About the service

To guide and support entrepreneurs and businesses through the innovation challenge, we have developed a comprehensive Innovation Growth Service.

You will work with a dedicated innovation advisor who has specific technology and sector experience. Typically the process starts with an innovation diagnostic to establish where you are on the innovation life cycle.

Using specialist tools and techniques we’ll work with you to eliminate financial risk and uncertainty and give you the best possible chance to launch a new innovation.

We can also help with specialist funding, and have excellent links with a wide range of knowledge providers and access to the very best experts across the North West, UK and Europe.

Typical innovation support includes:

  •          Assistance in identifying innovation opportunities
  •          Access to a technical or technology specialist
  •          Market research
  •          Product, process or service design
  •          Intellectual property
  •          Prototyping
  •          Market and product testing
  •          Market exploitation

How to access the service

For more information, please contact: 


Tel: 0161 359 3050

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