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Creative, Digital & Tech

Our region is home to a thriving creative, digital and tech scene, and the sector is growing faster than ever.

With this rapid acceleration and the growing opportunities in Greater Manchester, specialist support is critical – especially for businesses looking to effectively scale-up and bring new products or services to market.

What do we do?

We know that in order to grow and support the sector, we need to encourage collaborate across the city. Our network is made up of a unique blend of specialists, including Creative England and The Landing, who work with us to deliver targeted support to businesses in the sector.

Our fully-funded support includes a combination of direct one to one business growth support, peer-to-peer collaboration, and access to cutting-edge information, strategies and techniques.

Over and above, we recognise the power that peer to peer learning has on success in the sector, which is why we are keen to encourage collaboration wherever it can be identified – which will benefit Greater Manchester’s digital, creative and tech community as a whole.

What's included

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