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At the Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub, we’re passionate about business and giving entrepreneurs the tools and the information they need to succeed.

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At the Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub, we’re passionate about business and giving entrepreneurs the tools and the information they need to succeed. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow and achieve their true potential and we want to do the same for you. Let’s do this!

Whether it’s finding the finance your business needs to grow, discovering new ways to take a product or service into the marketplace, or learning more about the latest technologies and business thinking, our advisers have the knowledge and connections to kick start your business aspirations.

Our team of expert business growth advisors are experienced business professionals in their own right, and they know that success doesn’t necessarily come over night. With hands-on experience of achieving business success, they understand the hurdles and barriers that growing businesses face.

We did it for Outcider, Let’s do it for you!

Salford-based business, Outcider, has already taken advantage of this opportunity and achieved remarkable success. Business Growth Hub succeeded in matching Outcider with the right grant to meet its start-up requirements - meaning that Outcider could fund a new software development programme for its clients.

Of course, Outcider already had the winning business idea. But Business Growth Hub helped to kick-start this venture - assisting in organising the initial cash flow to make this venture possible.

Overall, Business Growth Hub makes it quicker and easier for organisations to access the latest funding opportunities - helping to support your enterprise from within. 

“We knew we had a good concept but we needed to test it and prove it, and the Hub gave us the extra nudge and encouragement we needed to do that.”

David Mapple,
Outcider Co-Founder

Let's grow your business

We know you want to achieve growth. We know you want to increase profitability. But we also know how important it is for start-ups and growing businesses to create jobs and offer a stable future for employees.

We also work with a range of partners such as the MAS part of Business Growth Service, Growth Accelerator and UKTI. In doing so, we run a comprehensive events programme from workshops, to seminars and networking lunches, and also operate our own digital TV channel, featuring client case studies, ’How To’ guides and advisors' top tips.

We know that change doesn’t happen overnight. But that’s why our team of business experts are here every step of your business journey. That’s why we deliver long-term business plans, focussing on all of the following areas of expertise:

Growth Startup We offer a long-term programme of support for entrepreneurs who are serious about setting up their own business with real growth potential. Alongside regular Start Smart Workshops, there’s one-to-one support with a business advisor, and a series of exceptional masterclasses covering topics everything a new business owners needs to know.

Growth Service This exceptional resource is designed to help businesses across Greater Manchester realise their true potential and grow to exceed expectation. The service covers the whole spectrum of business sizes, from new businesses to organisations with multi-million pound turnovers. Regardless, the key factor is commitment to growth.

Growth Mentoring Hundreds of businesses across Greater Manchester have taken advantage of this unique chance to work with an experienced business mentor, a ‘critical friend’ willing to share their knowledge and expertise, and help business owners develop their entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Digital Growth No business can afford to ignore developments in digital technology, whether they’re a growing company looking to create an IT strategy, or a tech-savvy firm looking at new and advanced ways to use IT. Our specialist advisors can ensure that digital technology is working for your business.

Innovation Growth Innovation is crucial to a successful economy and the Hub works with businesses to help alleviate the financial risk and uncertainty involved in daily processes, and bring their new products, services and ideas into the marketplace.

Green Growth Transitioning to a low carbon economy is a key priority for Greater Manchester. Our expert advisors help businesses in all sectors to make better use of resources - cutting bills and securing new contracts in the process. As well as helping companies in the low carbon and environmental goods and services sector to capitalise on this growing market.

Textile Growth The Textiles Growth Programme is aimed at all businesses within the textiles sector, both manufacturers and suppliers, and is run by textile specialists who understand the industry and its needs.

Access to Finance Our advisors are experts at helping businesses to become ‘investment ready’, working with entrepreneurs to fine-tune their plans, before arranging meetings with a wide range of potential financial backers, including the North West Business Angels.

A place to unlock new business events

Business Growth Hub also organises a range of excellent business events across Greater Manchester.This includes everything from drop-in sessions, to masterclasses, and networking events. We are also passionate about supporting enterprises at a local level, which is why we frequently host business events across all 10 local authorities: Manchester, Salford, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Trafford, Tameside, Bolton, Wigan and Stockport.

If you would like to learn more about our upcoming business events in your area, please visit the Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub calendar.

Let's Do This #LetsDoThisBGH

Business Growth Hub has already succeeded in helping esteemed organisations like Outcider to be at the cutting-edge of their industry. And we would love the opportunity to do the same for your business.

So what are you waiting for? #LetsDoThisBGH If you would like to register with Business Growth Hub, or speak with one of our experts, please contact us today. Follow the journey on social media too and join in the conversation on Twitter @BizGrowthHub, LinkedIn and Google+.

You can also follow hashtag #LetsDoThisBGH to check in on all the latest news and views throughout our campaign.

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