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About the service

Green Intelligence is a free e-bulletin of environmental news and information delivered by the award-winning ENWORKS environmental business support service. It is tailored for each business and sent to over 2,000 readers every fortnight.

Why sign up?


Green Intelligence keeps you informed about all the issues you need to know about in one, easily accessible e-bulletin. You can choose from a range of topics at signup, to ensure that each bulletin is relevant to you.

  •  Latest environmental business news
  •  Practical advice and ideas
  •  Events and training courses
  •  Access to free business support
  •  Individually tailored content
  •  Case studies of local businesses
  •  Environmental legislation updates
  •  Useful links to help you find out more

How to get Green Intelligence

You can join the mailing list by visiting The sign up process is quick and simple – just add your details and choose from a list of 26 different news topics to let us know what you’re interested in. You can also view our searchable news library, covering all the articles we’ve published since 2009,

Green Intelligence: Testimonials

“Green Intelligence keeps us up to date with the most relevant environmental news stories for our business. The fortnightly update connects us with local suppliers of energy efficient technologies, makes us aware of any changes to environmental legislation and allows us to access free support and workshops – we wouldn’t be without it!”

Samantha Kitchen, Velden Engineering (UK) Ltd

“As a supplier and installer of low carbon technologies in the North West region, reviewing the Green Intelligence newsletter is an “absolute must” and key event in my calendar, as it allows me to review the current environmental activities in our area and provide these positive environment and balance sheet initiatives to our current and potential clients”

Peter Mycoe Director - Renewable Planet

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