Green Growth Pledge

About the service

The Green Growth Pledge is a new initiative from the Business Growth Hub that allows you to commit to a range of actions – from simple first steps to wholesale changes – that will reduce environmental impact and help you grow at the same time.

Why get involved?

undefinedThe Pledge gives your company an easy-to-use platform to send a message to your customers and the wider business community that you are taking action to become a cleaner and greener company.

Each of the 50+ Pledges on offer is designed to demonstrate leadership, reduce environmental impact and improve your resource efficiency. Not only will you reduce costs and increase your resilience, you will also be standing out from the competition.

No matter how big your company is or what sector you work in, there is a Pledge relevant to your business.

How to make a Pledge

You can tell us which Pledges you’ve already completed and sign up to new ones by visiting

The signup process is quick and simple – especially if you already subscribe to our Green Intelligence e-bulletin – and you’ll be sent promotional materials to help promote your achievements to your stakeholders.

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